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Picking between the Bold and Storm 2

I have the blackberry Storm 2 and I'm having problems with sending and receiving bbm's, the phone freezes in the middle of texting, and during phone calls it hangs up on the person and I would then have to call them  back.  I've been to the store 5 times in the last month and am on my third storm 2 in a month.  I was finally able to downgrade to the bold and I don't know if I should stick with the Storm 2 or switch to the bold.  Someone please tell me.

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Re: Picking between the Bold and Storm 2
Sr. Member
Sr. Member

In my opinion, the Bold is a nice, solid device without nearly as many issues as the Storm 2. Plus you can get OS 6 on it.


If you can live without the larger screen and touch screen, the Bold would be a very good choice. I've picked up the device in stores, and the build quality is superb.