Pictures saving as "Read Only" and cannot be deleted

Suddenly my phone has started saving my pictures as "read only" files.  It will not show the actual picture, just an icon in its place. If I try to delete them, the following message pops up: "The selected file is read only. Are you sure you wish to delete the file? Yes or No"  If I click yes, it still does not delete the file. I cannot move them to other folders or set them as picture ids/wallpaper either.  I have other pictures saved on my phone that work as they should. I am not sure what changed to cause these recent pictures to save as "read only" files instead of normal pictures. 


If anyone knows why this happened and how to fix this problem, I would appreciate the assistance.  Thanks!

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Re: Pictures saving as "Read Only" and cannot be deleted
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Try a "battery pull". Remove your battery, wait about 30 seconds and put your battery back in your phone and power on. Also, try deleting the pictures using your Blackberry Desktop Manager.