Please Help Me

I have a new Blackberry Curve 8530 and I need major help.

Lets start with the first thing:

Before my husband updated my phone I was able to choose under screen and keyboard left side convenience key for my key lock.  After he updated it I no longer have that option as my left side button.  What happened??? How do I lock my phone?  I cant just throw it in my purse until I figure it out.

Then under my BBM.  It used to say online, busy or whatever for each of my contacts now it doesnt say anything so I dont know if they are busy or available without typing them.

Is the facebook app limited info??? I notice I dont get all the status updates and news feeds? 

Thanks this is good for now but I am sure I will have more ?


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Re: Please Help Me
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It seems your problems after the update on your Blackberry are occurring with a lot of other folks.  The way to fix the lock problem is to go into your Options>Password and set a password.  Once you do this, the lock screen feature will come back.  Warning, make sure you write down your password or make it easy for you.  No going back once you set a password other than wiping out the phone and starting over.  As far as the BBM and Facebook problem, you can try to delete the programs and reload them with Blackberry Desktop Manager.  That might fix any problems.