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Please help. I'm torn and can't choose. BBS2 vs.. Droid

I'm posting this here and in the android section.


I had planned on buying the BlackBerry Storm 2 as soon as I was eligible for upgrade.  I didn't have time o get to a store when the chance came.  And while the upgrade was put off, the Droid was released.


I discussed the Droid with my dad and told him I was reluctant to get it because I just knew the price would be very steep.  He suggested I go online and see.  So, just for laughs, I did.  It was only about a $20 difference in price.  I was surprised and now torn.


I read reviews on both phones, did as much research as possible and still could not choose.


I'm sure someone knows more about these devices more than me.  I read plenty of pros and cons, but didn't know which ones to trust.  Please give me your input.  Anything I may not know about the Droid or BBS2, whether it's hidden prices,or anything else.


I really need help here.


Thank you so much for any input at all.

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Re: Please help. I'm torn and can't choose. BBS2 vs.. Droid

Go Droid bro!!

Better camera, better functionality, better app store, better touchscreen.  According to time magazines website, the droid has surpassed  the iphone.  In terms of what, they didnt specify but that is a landmark in itself.  


Lots of places saying that the droid is a close equal to the iconic iphone.......Dont get a bb...they stink! Unless of course you are a business man...but i guess if you are still talking to dad about phones i find that not to be  the case.


Happy hunting!!

Re: Please help. I'm torn and can't choose. BBS2 vs.. Droid
Sr. Member

I agree with SureType.  Get the Motorola Droid instead.It has some amazing features on it. You'll love the device.