Please help! Why won't my cell number transfer to new Blackberry Tour?

I received a new Blackberry Tour in the mail on Friday.  The intent is to have the cell number that's currently on my iphone with AT&T transferred to Verizon and the Blackberry Tour.  I bought the phone from and it arrived new in box. 


I activated the phone per the instructions given and in fact, my actual cell number appears on the display of the Blackberry.  I'm able to make calls out and send texts and email from the Blackberry.  I'm able to receive email but not text sent from another cellphone. 


I'm just waiting for the Blackberry to start receiving calls!  When my cell number is dialed from another devise, it still rings on the old iphone.  I've tried to make good use of the time while I wait for the porting to be completed by setting up the address book and other preferences, but it still isn't receiving phone calls!


I've chatted with reps twice on this.  The first told me to wait another day for the porting to be completed.  The other one had me turn off the iphone and reactivate the Blackberry.  But so far no luck.  They are closed today but I think they won't be of further help to me.


Please help.  The phone is fine, except that it's been nearly 2 days since I originally activated the phone and I'm still unable to receive calls into the Blackberry.  Could it be something in the setup, like the Network Technology I've "chosen" (Global).

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