Please help!

My device was working great up until a few hours ago.


Now the keyboard, trackball, on/off buttons are all unresponsive.  I've removed the battery several times and put it back in and it resets itself, but I'm unable to open any icons or dismiss any alarms due to the keyboard not working. 


I have had this phone for about a year and am very careful with it.  I have not had any problems with it up until now.


I attempted to go into a Verizon store to have it looked at today, but both stores in my area are closed today which I find both strange and very inconvenient.


Please advise, as I hope someone will have a magic solution for me.


Many thanks!

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I've heard of the Tour freezing up periodically but usually a battery pull takes care of the problem. Do you leave the battery out for several seconds when pulling? Sounds like you're going to have make the trip to the store.

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I'm afraid you're going to have to have a tech at the store look at it. It sounds more hardware than software related. Please post back any results.