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I live in an area where a cell tower in less than 2 miles away. I've had the Blackberry Curve for 1 year now. To have this phone we have to pay the data charge each month. Every day I have to pull the battery in order to receive emails or jump on the Internet, I've spend untold hours on the telephone with techs. Some know what they are talking about, others do not. I gave up going through the same gyrations with techs as I have to go outside my home for the phone to work. After many months of this back and forth I received a new phone. Of course a new phone did not correct the problem and the tech knew it but wanted to appease me. I've been paying $30 a month for email and internet service I can't get. I heard Verizon offers a signal booster and thought this might be the answer for me but Verizon wants to charge $200 for this device. After all the docmented phone isues I"ve had I asked for a free booster. Oh no, perhaps we can give you a discount, but not one for free. Finally a tech felt sorry for me and FINALLY created a trouble ticket which they were supposed to be doing all along. The reply was the service will continue to be poor in this area, they are no plans to build out for better service. After selling me the phone with assurances it would work in my area, it doesn't. We live in a corridor that is between two up and coming cities. More residents and businesses will be attracted to the area. I find this answer unsatisfactory. Neighbors on the same street that have AT&T service can use their phones in their homes. I guess it is good-bye Verizon and HELLO AT&T as soon as my contract expires. The Verizon tv commercials "Can you hear me now?" are a crap. Send that team to my house and see if I can hear them! I should not have to pull the battery each and every day. I give up!




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