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Problem trying to update - email dropping out, apps no longer working

I have been having big problems ever since this new update appeared. It never has downloaded, and now my emails are all dropping off, I can't open my Facebook posts and most of my apps quit working. How can I fix this???

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Re: Problem trying to update - email dropping out, apps no longer working
Customer Support

Thanks for reaching out to us, debrakrol. I woud like to take a look at these issues that you are having. When you say that your emails are all dropping off? What exactly do you mean by that? Are you not getting your emails to come into your device? Or are they deleting by themselves? Have you tried to delete the email account off of your phone and add it back on:  Let's try that out and test it out.

With Facebook, let's go ahead and try to remove that application from the phone and again try to re download that app. The other applications that quit working, are these apps that you have downloaded from the App World?

Please keep us posted.


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