Problem using Verizon's Storm 2 9550 in Malaysia

I have a problem and hoping verizon wireless can solve my prolem. I bought a Storm 2 9550 (Verizon set) from Singapore and have used Malaysian carrier (DiGi). I have enjoyed using BIS for almost A YEAR until suddently since last 2 weeks i can't connect to BIS. Obviously the set is an unlocked set.


After reading from several forums and getting help from my local carrier (Digi), I found that there are many Verizon set users are having exactly the same problem like me at the same time. I have learned and came to a conclusion that Verizon has recently block all Data Plan for Verizon set outside US. As a result, my Storm 2 unable to conduct Blackberry Registration from HRT menu and unable to use the BIS due to my Blackberry PIN is already blocked. My questions are as follows:-


a) Is this true?

b) If its true, is it possible for Verizon to unblock my Data Plan?


I have done the following procedure before i've came to this conclusion.


a) I have enjoyed BIS before on the Verizon Storm 2 9550 for almost a year with my local carrier (DiGi).

b) I've tried using my DiGi sim card on other blackberry devices (malaysian set) and as a result it CONNECTS to BIS

c) Called my local carrier (DiGi) and they have explain that they have receive many similar complaints regarding verizon set and they were unable to solve the problem unless i buy a new Malaysian Blackberry Device.

d) Read several forums saying that Verizon through RIM has blocked Blackberry PINs that are used outside Verizon's coverage.


I really hope that Verizon can solve my problem. Your feedback is much appreciated. Thank you.

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