Problems With BB 9930 Sync with Outlook 2010

I just upgraded from BB 9700 Bold to 9930 Bold. Never had any problems with Outlook 2010 sync on 9700. Now everytime I sync the 9930, it wants to either change or add a very large number of calendar or task entries. Doesn't seem to be a problem with contacts. I've changed task sync to one-way (device to computer) and that helps, but that's not the way my business works. And the problems with calendar continue. I'm running the OS 7.0, and my desktop with Outlook 2010 is running Windows 7 Home Premium. I'm tempted to downgrade to OS 6 on the 9930. Any ideas?

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Congratulations on the purchase of your new 9930, Rick4242!
I regret to see you are having problems with the calendar syncing.
Let me ask, do you get any type of error message when you are trying to sync? This may be something that needs to be lifted up to RIM as an issue with their software for either the Blackberry or Desktop Manager.

Tamara H.
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