Problems with Blackberry 8330

I am having problems with my Blackberry 8330 and I am not the only person.  We switched to Alltel in June and I got the curve.  Within a month I had to bring the phone back to the store due to the phone beginning to reboot constantly whenever I tried to do anything on the phone.  Luckily I was under my 30 day return period and they replaced the phone.  Now the phone is doing the same thing, and also is displaying an app error message.  It has gotten so bad that it will reboot every 2-3 minutes at times, but then will go hours before it does it again!  I am getting really frustrated with this phone and do not believe that it is the phone.  A friend of mine has the identical phone and also was an alltel customer and just received a new phone, but I do not believe that it is the phone itself, especially since both of our phones were doing it. 


If anyone has any ideas as to why my phone is acting up please let me know.


What it does is ... the screen goes black and the LED lights up red.  It will then show a white screen with the hourglass and then goes through a security software check ... etc.  I have done all the updates through desktop manager, erased my memory card and removed any and all apps that I added to the phone, with no avail.


PLEASE!!!!  Anyone that can give me an idea of what is going on ...I would appreciate it!

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