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Problems with track pad & scrolling and slow to come on from lock

This is my 3rd Bold and I'm beyond frustrated. 

Last week I had to charge my battery three times during one day and used it even less than normal.  I pulled the battery out and the battery life has been normal.

For the last 2 days it has been extremely slow coming on from lock or just from sleep, at least 30 seconds sometimes it's a few minutes before it will come on.  If I open Facebook it doesn't let me do anything for about a minute.

Also, the track pad has been going in and out and most of the time the scroll up function doesn't work at all.  When I type text messages and scroll to the left to edit a word it just changes my last letter to a captial or some symbol.

Has anyone else ever experienced this?
Isn't there a rule that after 3 you get a different model phone?

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Re: Problems with track pad & scrolling and slow to come on from lock
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

What apps do you have loaded and running?  You can do an Alt+retn arrow (next to the trackpad) to see how many open apps you have running at any time, and you can then scroll to them to close them.  There are only 5 or 6 that run all the time (Home screen, phone, browser, BBM, etc). 

I use an app called QuickPull to simulate a battery pull.  I run it every couple of days and I  am always amazed at how much better the phone runs right after; battery life is way better and it is much more responsive.  The battery pull will shut down any open apps and free up memory taken up by caching and running apps.

If you've loaded any new apps or updates to older apps recently, suspect those first as hogging memory or running and slowing down the phone operation.

Re: Problems with track pad & scrolling and slow to come on from lock

The only applications I have ever downloaded are Facebook, Weather Channel, MyVerizon and a sports score app, but nothing new in at least 4 months.

The battery issue was just for 2 days.  I pulled it and let it sit and put it back in and it's been okay. 

My real issue is the extreme slowness of it coming on once the display has gone off or coming on from lock and the scrolling which goes in and out.

Re: Problems with track pad & scrolling and slow to come on from lock
Customer Support

Thank you SuzyQ for assisting sflaconer10. The information and questions asked were so helpful.

sfalconer10, first I would like to ensure that you are on the most current software version. Please check the current software on your device by going to  home screen > Options > (Device) > About (About Device Versions). The current software version for the BlackBerry Bold is the 6.0. Here is additional information regarding the software: .

If you are on the most current software, I would recommend to backup your device using BlackBerry desktop manager then perform a hard reset on the phone. Here is how to hard reset the device:

- From the Home screen, press the Menu button
- Select Options
- Select Security Options
- Select Security Wipe
- Ensure that the appropriate options are selected, enter blackberry into the Enter to confirm device wipe field then select Wipe

Once completed restore the device. Let us know if the issue persists.

Thank you,

Lena A.
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