Question about personal smartphone activation

if I own my phone will Verizon require a 2 year contract to activate? or can I get a shorter contract. I would like to use it seasonally (smartphone) for credit card processing

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I've never heard of a shorter contract or used CS or chat with them online.

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Sounds like a pre-paid phone would be better for that purpose. You buy the phone outright and then simply use as needed. Pre-paids don't carry contracts. 

If you own your own phone, you don't need to sign a contract on post-paid service. So you are free to start and stop it any time you like, but there are usually extra fees in doing this, depending on what you do. You can:

  1. Terminate service and reactivate when needed. No charge to terminate, $35 to re-activate.
  2. Suspend service, no charge to suspend, $5 monthly charge during suspension, up to 3 months I think. After that you must either resume or terminate.
Re: Question about personal smartphone activation
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Hello pthompsonmoore,

That is a great question! I understand the importance of being without a contract. I have great news! As long as your device is VZW branded, you are more then welcome to activate service without a contract. The only fees that would apply would be a $35.00 activation fee. Your account will be placed on a month to month basis that is eligible at anytime to cancel without penalty. If you would like to get started, please contact our sales department at 800-256-4646 or visit your local VZW store for assistance, thanks!

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