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Question about the verizon reps on these forums

My question is why do you insist on using scripted answers. If you are even human and I am beginning to thing you are just software that keys off of certain words to leave the totally useless answers you leave. Also posting links to a site that has NOTHING to do with what we ask serves no purpose. We are all adults and some of the scripted answers are ridiculous. Now pick up your phone and call your boss and find out when the 10.2 and 10.2.1 updates are coming because someone knows and the same old lies don't cut it any more.

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Re: Question about the verizon reps on these forums
Sr. Leader

Yes randy they are real people and not what you described, To get a hold of them post your post as Question and they should see it and should respond I have talked to one of the Reps that visit the forum and she was very nice, and very helpful and she now's who she is and I thank her again for answering my Question that i had for her..

Hope this helps.. b33