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Questions about Blackberry and Internet

So I just have a few questions about connecting my phone to a computer and receiving the internet.


Is this option available. I know that I have the package on my phone that allows me to access the internet with my phone for a fee. I have that option and I'm paying for it. But can you hook it up to your computer and access the internet on your computer through your phone? I've heard from some people that you can and I've heard from others that you can't.


If you can, how well does it work? I don't see the need to pay for a net-card if it works well. I don't want to use it all the time, just while at work when I have nothing else to do. I thought that buying a mini-laptop and using my phone would be sufficient for what I want to do, but after talking to a friend she says that she use to do that but that it was always disconnecting. Just wondering if there are others that have experience with it.


Last question, if someone uses the internet on their computer does your phone go slower? Like after I use the internet with my phone alone I always have that hour glass come up for minutes at a time until I take my battery out and re-boot my phone. Just wondering if this happens to others also, and how you clear it up. It also does this when I have received several picture messages. I'm just really confused on how exactly it works and what I can do to resolve the issue other than taking my battery out.


Thanks to all in advance for your help!



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Re: Questions about Blackberry and Internet

What you want to do is use your phone as a USB Modem? You need some sort of  "CD Driver" or download a program to your computer, so computer will "recognize" your phone. Sorry, but I don't know how well it works. I used to have a USB Modem from Verizon Wireless, I could go online with it, but I only could not connect it to a router. Verizon said it only support 1 computer at a time. I ended up going DSL, landline, now can go online with computer, and video game console.:smileywink:

Re: Questions about Blackberry and Internet
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Are you referring to tethering? Tethering gives you Wireless Internet Access, using your Blackberry device as a modem to connect to the Internet. Verizon Wireless calls this service Mobile Broadband Connect and is delivered through a feature that includes both the ability to tether as well as a capped 5GB tethering data allowance.  You can add the Mobile Broadband Connect 5GB data for only $30 a month.