(RIM®) update ( version) for Storm! Please read before installing!!
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New enhancements for your BlackBerry® Storm™!



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Download time from 30 minutes but possibly up to 2 hours

depending on amount of data on your device.

Be sure you go to “Back Up and Restore” to back up your phone BEFORE INSTALLING the update!!!  There are complaints of lose of calendar and contact information!  You must restore through your manual BACKUP!


When updating your BlackBerry® Storm™ Smartphone from BlackBerry Device Software v4.7 to 5.0, several applications will be removed from your device which you will need to reinstall from either an icon on your home screen or from the BlackBerry application Center depending on the application. Impacted applications include: Windows Live™ Messenger, Yahoo® Messenger, Google Talk™, AOL® Instant Messenger™, ICQ®, Facebook® for BlackBerry® Smartphone, Flickr™ Photo Uploader for BlackBerry Smartphones, MySpace® for BlackBerry Smartphones, BlackBerry AppWorld™, BlackBerry® Messenger, BlackBerry® Wallet and Tivo® for BlackBerry® Smartphones. Please check your home screen for the application icon and/or the BlackBerry Application Center and follow the application installation wizard to re-install the applications.


Doing the update at home is the best idea because it could take up to two hours for this to complete, you will not be able to use

your phone during the update even for emergencies!!


Update information:

New enhancements for your BlackBerry® Storm™!


Verizon Wireless is pleased to announce new software enhancements for your BlackBerry® Storm™ 9530 smartphone. The  Research In Motion® (RIM®) update ( version) includes many software updates and enhancements that will elevate your experience with the BlackBerry Storm. Verizon Wireless and RIM encourage customers to download these improvements today.

Typing Experience

 A faster, more accurate and more natural text input experience. This includes word completion (enabled right out of the box), a virtual QWERTY keyboard in portrait view, and enhanced sensitivity when editing, copying, and pasting.


Ability to enable Auto Correction as opposed to Word Completion in landscape view.  Your mistakes will be corrected for you.  


The ability to send an email quickly by pressing the Send button; save your changes in a calendar appointment or contact by  quickly pressing the Save button; and access Web pages by quickly pressing the Go button.


SMS Experience

Has been adapted to emulate the chat windows you’re familiar with in popular desktop IM applications. The new Messages list interface threads incoming and outgoing SMS communications as a conversation history, with support for emoticons and contact information from your address book— including pictures.  (When you delete a SMS message it deletes both sent and received)


Touch User Experience

Faster scrolling. The flick of your finger creates momentum, moving you quickly through messages, pictures, and more in a single swipe


Media Experience

Launches camera faster

Quicker image capture

Launches applications more rapidly

Rotates faster between portrait and landscape views

Improved Web browsing speeds


Additional BES 5.0 Enhancements

Ability to forward calendar appointments

Flag messages for follow-up

View attachments in a meeting request and/or calendar entry

Manage mail folders, including adding, moving, renaming, and deleting—similar to a desktop experience


Please visit either link for your download and instructions:


You will initiate an update directly from the internet, via your PC (not available for download Over The Air on the device) www.blackberry.com/storm/updates


Customers can visit www.verizonwireless.com/storm or http://vzam.net.blackberry/ to upgrade their devices.

During the update process:

  • All data is backed-up and restored (do a manual just to be sure, there have been reports that the back-up was not preformed!!)
  • 3rd party applications are preserved
  • Average Update Time <1HR (typically 30-45mins)

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