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Re: Need to print SMS text for possible legal reasons

I am having the same problem.  I did forward it to my email and it shows the message.  I can do it one by one but it will not work because it does NOT show the date and time and whom the original text is from.  It looks like a msg from my phone sent to my email on the day I send it, not the day I received the text Smiley Sad

I have them all saved.  The police have looked at them and I was told it is near impossible to get a subpeona and to try to get Verizon to work with me since I am the phone owner.  So far I have been unsuccessful.  These messages were sent while he was evading the police.  He is now in jail on feloly counts of assault, strangulation, 1st degree false imprisonment as well as some other more private matters.  I am the only owner on the account and this was a boyfriend who was using a phone on MY FAMILY PLAN. 

These messages are full of I'm sorry.  And full of what he did and how he won't do it again.  I hate seeing them everyday but I have them saved hoping to save enough money to just buy a new phone and hand over the whole phone as evidence because I don't know what else to do.  His acknowledging some of the specific events that took place would be a great relief to me and the case .  And now sitting in jail he seems to have lost his memory and his apologies, imagine that.

Please help me too!!  There has to be a way to have copies of text messages sent to you!  Verizon I understand the need for privacy but as Owner to both phones I should have some rights too!!  And they are in my phone can't I download them to a computer which would include date, time, and msg?  Or I don't really know how SD cards work.  Can I transfer it there and download it? Ok I dont even know if SD cards work in computers grrrr.... Please help!

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Re: Need to print SMS text for possible legal reasons
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader
Re: Need to print SMS text for possible legal reasons

I am sorry to hear about your problem dear but I did exactly what you are talking about. I set up a gmail account just for this and forwarded all of my ex's nasty text messages there and printed them, the time/date stamp does show up and when my atty. showed up at court with over 1000 pages of messages of course they objected, but the judge could see that I was not lying about her and had the PROOF. They settled and my kids and I live happily ever after.

     You must forward each text as an e-mail to the new account then print. I was using two different Blackberry phones over a 3yr period to do this. It can be done. Good luck.

Re: Need to print SMS text for possible legal reasons

The best way is to use a software like ABC Amber Blackberry Converter or MagicBerry.  I had the same situation where I needed to print out texts and ABC Berry was the best one of the two. MagicBerry didn't have as many options. Enjoy!

Re: Need to print SMS text for possible legal reasons
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You can use an Android app called Email Text Messages to email the texts to yourself, then print them out. You can customize message formats to include date/time, sender name/number, MMS image attachments, etc.