Resetting Username and Password

does anyone know how to reset a username and password on a blackberry bold?  I recently activated my brother's phone on my account and when trying to set up my email accounts, I'm asked for my username and password but apparently I can't remember it because nothing I try will work.

thank you in advance for any help

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Re: Resetting Username and Password
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Community Leader

Did you "wipe" the phone before activating it on your number?  Is it the blackberry email account or another?  Or is it asking for the BlackBerry ID username and password? 

You may need to do a factory reset to clear the BB of all your brother's info before activating it on your account.  If you are just "borrowing it"  and don't want to wipe the info, you can set up to 10 email accounts. If you need your brother's BlackBerry ID, you'd need to ask him....