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Resolved Wi-Fi Email Send Problem on Classic

Realized my emails were not sending on my Classic when it was on Wi-Fi. Had no problem receiving emails while on Wi-Fi. No problem sending or receiving when working on Verizon network.

Verizon couldn't figure out the problem and referred me to BlackBerry Support.  We had gone through checking out wireless router issues and resetting the email account.  I tried to get Verizon to understand I could receive on Wi-Fi and surf the internet, just not send emails so I didn't see how those things could be the problem.

With BB Support's help, they pretty quickly discovered I had to use an alternative port number to the default I use on my laptop for smtpout.  BB Support said the ultimate email hosting service is Go Daddy, though that is not the company I am subscribing to for email service.  I hadn't realized this.  Apparently there is some kind of conflict  At any rate, the default port for smtpout was 25.  Changing the smtpout to 80 solved the problem.

Just a tip in case anyone else discovers they are having the same or similar problem.

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