Restocking Fees

The only way you can avoid a restocking fee is if you exchange the device for the very same model. And get this, even if you want to exchange it for a more expensive model, you still pay the fee.

I purchased a Verizon Quanta tablet. It's a piece of trash. The battery drains instead of going to sleep and will restart for no reason without warning several times a day.

I actually offered to exchange this defective tablet for a more expensive iPad mini. I thought this would be no problem. Please take my money for your mistake.

Nope. Still I have to pay a $70 restocking fee. There was no negotiation, I even offered to move close to their side, $50 restocking fee. Nope.

This basically means that if Verizon were playing baseball near your house and they broke your window, they would knock on your door and ask you to pay them to fix it. Right out of a Charlie Chaplin movie.

Oh, and when you go in to inquire about this, be prepared for several of the Verizon staff to stand behind a counter and take turns interrupting you, telling you no, and condescendingly pointing to their polices with their arms folded. It's a frustrating, embarrassing ordeal. But what makes it worse is that they would actually profit greatly from just servicing you!

This is the culture of VerizonWireless. Their business is not about the human being, it's about a set of rigid policies and an automated way of churning out money.

Here's another article that does a great job outlining the humanity (or lack thereof) that VW has toward its customers:

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