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Ringtones Reset and Country Code Unrecognized

Now besides from having my trackball acting up a little, I have a Tour and had two software problems creep up.  Without explanation, my phone stopped recognizing country codes and I had to pick United States from a drop-down menu every time I made a call.  Now I tried to change the Smart Dialing preference, but it wouldn't save.  I did do a battery pull and it has only come back once, but it is getting annoying.


More annoying is the change in my ringtones.  I prefer to use two ringtones, one for calls and one for texts.  Also without explanation, all of my ringtones were reset to Ringer_ClassicPhone for calls and BBPro_Sanguine for messages.  This over-rides my choices in my Normal profile.  I don't want to go through and change the Custom RIng Tones/Alerts for every single contact (I have over 200).  This is the only work-around of which I know but my hope is that someone here comes up with a fix but I'm also watching Crackberry to for answers.


BTW, I'm using, not any type of hybrid.


Any ideas would be appreciated!

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