SMS Messages in Storm 2

I have a couple questions regarding messages while using the storm 2.  

1- when i go into my SMS messages, only the contact number is shown, not the contact name which it is stored under.  I have gone into options->SMS messages and have selected YES for the show name option.  


I also noticed that when someone calls, only their number shows up and not the contact name that the number is stored under.  


2-when composing a new SMS message, I begin to type in the name of the person I want to message.  However, it does not search my contacts so I can select the correct one.  


Thanks for any help you can give.

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Re: SMS Messages in Storm 2

I think this link may help you.  If I understand right, under OS 5.0 you have to get your contacts set up through Blackberry Messenger, which is what SMS pulls it's contact info from?


Guys, does that sound right?