SMS Problems on 9630

I seem to have a continuous problem with my SMS freezing sometimes, my phone will receive the message and notify me, I can see the headline of the message but when I go to open the message it will freeze the phone, and I have to keep hitting the END button to clear it away, then the SMS is deleted and permanetly gone. I have done several battery pulls and made sure the OS was the current release and I have even wiped the device and started from scratch. This is my third Tour, they keep sending me refurbished Tours to try to fix the problem, but it still happens to my SMS. I do not know if it is because it cannot handle the vast amount of texting that I do, but I send a lot of SMS messages and emails so I do not know why it does not want to work. Does anyone else seem to have this problem, and any hits how to fix it. I dont want to switch from Blackberry but I cant keep asking people to resend their last SMS just so I can reply.

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Re: SMS Problems on 9630
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It sounds like you may have a memory problem.  What is the amount of free memory you have on your device?  You can check by going to Options>Status> and see what the File Free has...on my Bold it is 284271554 Bytes, which is a little over 271mb.  A Blackberry device will become sluggish when the file free gets below about 12mb.