SMS folder disapeared and not working

Yesterday when i woke up and headed for work I noticed the SMS folder on my Blackberry storm was missing. I tried seperating the SMS and EMail boxes but there is no option to do so. Not only is the folder missing but I am not receiving SMS msgs at all nor can I send them. If i select a contact from my address book and select compose SMS nothing happens like i'm not even pushing the button. I still however can receive MMS and email msgs.


I have tried pulling the battery and upon restart it gives error: Uncaught exception: 5>=5. I dont know if that has anything to do with it or not but it started the same morning. The folder literally went missing overnight. 


Can anyone help me??

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I apologize for the error you are receiving with your device and the missing folder. Below is a list of a couple of troubleshooting steps that may be able to resolve your issue.

1. Have you checked to see if all folders are listed or hidden?

2. Have you tried to re-sync your device to desktop manager to make sure all updates are installed?

3. For your network signal have you tried to update your roaming capabilities by dialing *228 then selecting option 2?

Hope this helps.