Its prolly safe to say that Im  not alone when I cuss my BB9550 on a day to day basis.  I recieved my replacement and its not so bad now...but I got to tell you how it all played out. I read and read about the updated screen for the 9550.  Seems as if the devices released after feb 22, 2010 have the improvements.Not too sure on the date but its pretty close)...and Im sure u know all this by now. What is todayApril 15?


Yeah haha  Im way Late....but I really think I need to give credit where credit is due.



My storm stuck quite a bit....alot on the bottom left, ....nothing too terribly horrid, but at the same time I just wanted it to work the way it was suppose to. You know like that dude  who explained the clicking so vividly when it was first introduced?


I called CS just being curious(didnt expect anything), and they sent a replacement overnight no questions asked.

The phone I recieved is a Cert Refurb. but I could tell a world of difference between the two. The Rep I spoke with "TRIED" to gIve the impression that the whole "screen issue" with the storm was new info to him, and it wasnt a reccuring issue. I chuckled a little under my breath and coughed twice just to exstinguish the awkewardness between me and my new found Verizon buddy.... lol bc it doesnt take a computer geek to know that if the forums are flooded with Storm screen complaints..then there has to be that relentless group of customers that call in every 2 days wondering when they can personally come get their new phone.


  I tip my hat to whoever's callin' shots around  VZW headquarters. Looks to me like Verizon  will do everything within reason to make sure we are all satisfied.  I truly believe they understand  the fact that they will prolly take a significant hit with the whole BB storm experience. But....What set them apart , for me anyway,  was  their willingness to  rectify the whole ordeal pretty much hassle free. Seems  as though Mr. Verizon understands that holding a long term relationship is worth more than the few bucks it takes replacing RIM's P.O.S. aka Storm2.  ...To tell you the truth I dont blame Verizon personally for all the Storm issues. But at the same time if Im handing you $90 a month  for a phone bill, I wanna know your in my corner if I need you. and Sure enough.....They were.


As far as IN store replacement I dunno. I would give you an opinion based on the service here in Lubbock, Tx but  come on... we already understand the inner workings of a  Radioshack  or7-eleven  right? If you have a bluetooth head set, then that means Your the Cool Guy...I mean manager. Now I understand that my enviroment may have something to do with my opinion, and  the in-store service is just fine most places.   Personally Id rather wait for the overnight shipping at home,  rather than stand in line behind some weirdo whos smells of boiled cabbage, and insists on raising hell because he cant get his  Lynard Skynard ringback to work.....


 Got to be honest.....didnt see it playing out the way it did.  My phone is fixed...or fixed-er. and I didnt spend anything. VZW did everything possible to make sure I was satisfied. ....The same guy who will prolly be wayy past due on his phone bill this month.    Maybe Im readin too much into it,...but then again If Im going to be legally bound to a cellular device for 2 years...then it **bleep** sure  BETTER make that clicky sound that made my eyes light up when I first saw it. ..haha (boy was I wrong)


With that being said, I stand surprised.....yet very satisfied.  They have obtained loyalty through means probably not expected. 


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