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Hi, all,

Just sitting here sipping my morning coffee and like many of you, thinking about some college football this weekend.  If you are an arm chair quarterback like myself, you may have browsed around the mobile web looking for scores.  I found a cool little app a few weeks ago that gives all of the scores you want.  ScoreMobile.

ScoreMobile is a free app that lists all of your favorite teams and delivers near real-time scores.  It gives all college, NFL, MLB, hockey, and more and even divides by leagues.  I installed the app from Blackberry App World from their free category.  If you are looking for a 1-stop place to find those college football scores this weekend, give it a whirl.  I just thought I would pass this along.  Some of you may have already found this app and have been enjoying it.

Have a good weekend,


Ps..Go Ole Miss...beat Bama

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Re: ScoreMobile for Blackberry

I'm a baseball fan and used ScoreMobile all summer. Now that football season is here, it is invaluable in keeping up with the NFL games, especially when sitting in church on Sunday :smileyhappy: