Screen on 8530 Won't Shut-Off While VZNavigator 5.1 is Running

Has anyone else encountered this problem? I upgraded my VZNavigator from, I think, V4.2 to V5.1 and while I like the new version quite a bit, my Blackberry screen will not go dark while VZNavigator is running. I'm not talking about while VZNavigator is on the screen, but when I press "END" and go to my home screen, the screen does not darken after 30 seconds like I have it set to. I drive a tractor-trailer for a living and do much of my driving at night, and this bright screen shining constantly is a major distraction! I did not have this problem before upgrading VZNavigator and it does not do this if I totally exit the VZNavigator program; it only happens when VZNavigator is actively running.


Anybody else experience this and does anyone know how to eliminate this problem?





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