Seeking Blkbry user - direction

A great sigh of relief is shouted when I express my Storm 2 is up for renewal in a week! THANK YOU LORD! 

I have been a Blackberry user for over 15 years, but this series has certainly tested my every limit!  So I find myself... along with many other faithful blkbry devotees… pondering if I should  "tread water" when it comes to crossing over… Yup, you guessed it… The Droid!

I would love to experience the 4G pledge from Verizon … However, being a Blkbry users, I am often teased by my “Droid” friends…and I again feel like a dog on a chain…. (Trapped and unable to enter in the 4G zone) so I am unsure what direction to take.  What have others in my situation experienced?  Can someone tell me the new version of Blackberry (Triton) and Verizon extended 4G network will give me some light at the end of my dark tunnel!  Or….should I just take the plunge to Droid-ville?

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Re: Seeking Blkbry user - direction
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I had a Storm 2 as well, but I guess I'm an anomaly as I liked it alot.  The only thing I disliked was the browser which was miserably slow.

Too many of my friends (about five with different models) hate their Droid phones so that was not an option.  I will never own anything Apple so unfortunately their iPhone (despite it being a good product) was out.  Don't like their business practices or their human being ethics.

When contract was up late last year I upgraded to a BlackBerry Torch 9850 and I don't miss my Storm.  I love the Torch and it works like a charm.  I've seen others have problems, but I have not had any and there have been two software upgrades that have addressed the old complaints you read on these forums (mainly the one where you can't answer a call).  Browser is wicked fast - I don't care about 4G.  Everything works on it as advertised.  It was easy to switch all my contacts, etc. by backing it up in the cloud with BlackBerry Protect.  BlackBerry Traffic app has free navigation so you don't need VZ Navigator.  It links up with my PlayBook tablet so I have free 3G on that.  I know is isn't cool to like BlackBerry anymore, but I like being different.  My only wish is it had Words with Friends, but my PlayBook has that so no big deal.  BlackBerry 10 phones will be out later this year which will be a major leap for BB, but I doubt you want to wait that long if you are still using that Storm.  Good luck with your choice.