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Sending data
I damaged my last blackberry and finally got a new one but this phone constantly shows it is sensing data even when I have nothing running and the location is only set as E911 and not Location On. Is there something I need to uncheck or how do I get it to quit always sending data?
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Re: Sending data


I know that all Blackberry (and other smartphones) that are connected to the 3G network are continously "talking" back and forth.  The phone is usually trying to syncronize email or some other app such as WeatherBug is updating data.  Also, programs like Blackberry Messenger are continiously updating status updates on other users you may have.  If it seems that your connection is slow, you might try pulling the battery and refreshing your phone's memory.  Also, you might try to update your PRL by dialing from your home area *228 and select option 2.  I would not worry about data usage.  You have unlimited data on your Blackberry, so you are covered.  The amount of data that it uses to perform most of those tasks is very little.  Hope this answers your question.