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I have the blackberry tour (I think - the black one that looks like the curve but has a rollerball, not the World) and downloaded the Skype application.


Calls come in correctly and another Skype user has even successfully left me a voicemail which I could hear. But when I answer the call, or place the call, I can't hear any audio and she can't hear me.


When I installed the app it asked questions about "sockets." I wonder if that is where I screwed up.  


When I called Verizon Wireless, even though  the phone is marketed as "skype ready," they said they had never heard of skype for blackberry. They had to google how I could even download the app. I see in this forum some folks know about it so I am hopeful to get answers. This is why I bought this phone!


Thx in advance for any help.


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Re: Skype Mobile - no audio
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The Tour is Skype mobile capable.  Are you signed into skype mobile at the time you are getting a call? Here are the steps to sign in.

  • From the Home screen, press the Menu button then select Skype Mobile.
    Note If not available, navigate Home screen > Downloads.
    Skype icon
  • Enter the Skype name and password then select Sign in.
    Note If the password is forgotten, refer to for assistance receiving a new password code.