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My son is in Iraq and has a Verizon Blackberry Storm with "Global Service" and a US phone number. He also has a US address. I signed him up for a Skype account and an exe application was sent to his phone. However, when he tries to activate that account on his phone in Iraq he receives a message along the lines of "This program is not for use outside the US".


I tried a variety of approaches to resolve the issue. I sent email to Skype support and also called Verizon 611 - I even submitted question to The responses I got back were:

  • Verizon 611: The rep could not see any reason why Skype for Verizon BB would not work. She suggested that I have my son contact Global Support (?) at (908) 559-4899 from a separate line, but with his Storm at hand, so that they could walk him through the setup process.
  • "Mike" said that Skype for Verizon would work ONLY through Verizon towers and, since Verizon did not have any towers in Iraq, the Skype application would not work.
  • Skype Support: Their reply aligned with Mike's from They did suggest a Skype-to-Go subscription (which allows Skype calls to be made from any type of phone) or that he purchase a Skype-enabled device such as iPhone.

We did subcribe to Skype-to-Go, but Skype Support informed us that this would not work for his BB since the call to the to-Go number would be placed through a non-Verizon tower and that excessive data/roaming rates would probably be charged. I don't think that this would be true, but, in any case, the Skype-to-Go number apparently will not work.


QUESTION: I am not real clear as to exactly what Wi-Fi is, but it is my understanding that it is pretty much just wireless internet access. If this is the case, and Wi-Fi is available in my son's area, would the BB Storm2 with built-in Wi-Fi be capable of accessing a Skype account since the Internet access is direct and NOT through a Verizon tower?


SUGGESTION: Verizon support @ 611 has always proven to be reliable, but they really should get more training on new services and applications when they are introduced through Verizon.

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I have did some research on the question that you have asked and I have found that you can use skype for sending messages and things of that sort overseas but no calls can be made using skype overseas because of the fact that you would have be in access of a Verizon tower, but if WIFi is available in the area that your son is in then he should be able to use the internet connection to access his skype account through his phone. A WIFI connection will be needed to do anything though

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According to Skype, Skype Mobile calls can not be made from a Verizon phone while overseas.  See the article at

I believe the answer you got from's Mike was correct. 




I am facing a poblem using skype on verizon phone. It is saying ' You have entered anon working number'. Kindly help me. It  is highly urgent!