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So i was in the Verizon Store today.....
Enthusiast - Level 3

And i finally got the chance to play with the Storm 2 and the Motorola Droid.  And based on an hour and half's worth of "testing" i would have to say that i am totally not impressed by the Storm 2.  I really dont like the new touch screen.  It is very responsive, but i found that it was very stiff and my accuracy was worse than on my storm.  The browser was even very sluggish, i didnt even open 1 page!  Granted the data had a 1X, but i thought for sure that the wifi would have at least delivered something.  I did a speed test between the storm 2 and my storm with the 5.0 OS and i was able to open a few pages b4 the storm 2 even finished with the "requesting" bar!  I am disappointed, especially with all hype that it received. 


After playing with the Motorola Droid....i was thoroughly impressed!!!  It was quick, it was responsive.  I played with everything from the camera to the actual phone itself.  The video and image quality was STUNNING!  The virtual keyboards in the portrait and landscape modes were also as responsive as that of the iphone.  However, i did not care for the physical keyboard, i found that my fingers are to big and i wound up mashing buttons.  But overall, i'd have to say that if there were any smartphone that is able to take on the iphone in terms of apps, speed, and sure is the Droid.  Keep in mind that this is tough for me to swallow being an Apple head.  :smileyhappy: 


Unless the iphone comes to verizon anytime soon...i may just be getting a droid when my upgrade rolls around.




PS----Feel free to comment and share your opinions with me.

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Re: So i was in the Verizon Store today.....
Enthusiast - Level 3
Hello, I absolutely agree the driod is a much better buy, If your going toward apps wise, Driod is the choice if your not in the technical side the storm right now is not the choice for some.