So... my Storm sorta fell in the toilet...

Ok, so it fell in, and I swear it was not in there longer than a second, I immediately got it out, and took out the battery as quickly as I could. Then after a few minutes, I put the phone in rice. I left it in the rice overnight, as I was at a friend's house and couldn't really take their bowl of rice with me. So when I got home, and found I had no rice, I put it on a paper towel and left the battery out for a few days.

I tried to see if it would work today, and it does... sorta. There's a few spots of water under the screen still, but that's not the problem. Everything works fine, EXCEPT, the phone will not stay connected to the Mobile Network longer than a minute or so! 😧

Is there anything I can do to fix this? Or is my Storm completely broken? I just got this not even 3 months ago 😧

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Re: So... my Storm sorta fell in the toilet...

Your suppose to "flash" a phone not "flush" it..  LOL  How did the rice come out??


Sorry couldn't help myself


I belive the worst thing was to" turn on" the phone before having the phone Near a heat source for over 24 hours ( like a heating pad on low)


Water is bad however if you properly dry the phone ,and it was not saltwater. You most likly be fine.


I really hope that you troubles have a happy ending....