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Software Upgrade Warning

Last week I upgraded the OS on my Blackberry Curve 8330.  I noticed the next day that the green LED was not lighting up when I charged my phone.  Then I got an error "Media Processor is Busy" when trying to play music.  And last, but certainly not least, my phone was not ringing, only vibrating when a call came in.  This would all correct itself with a battery pull, for about 10 minutes at the most, then the same probelms would surface again.  Verizon walked me through backing up, wiping the device, reinstalling the software, and then reinstalling from a backup with the Desktop software.  Everything seemed to be working at that point, however not 10 minutes later I had the same issues.  I researched my problems further and learned there is a bug in the media player portion of the software upgrade.  Now this upgrade is more that a year old from RIM so I thought it was safe to install and if there were any bugs surely there would be a patch correcting any problems.  No such luck.  Several users on BB forums posted solutions which involved replacing individual files from the old software version into the upgrade through Windows Explorer on my PC, but unfortunately I could not open the old version installed from Verizon on my PC.  Verizon was unable to downgrade my software back to the previous version so they moved my upgrade date and let me choose a new device.   Thank you Verizon!!  I have been a very happy BB user for several years.  My Curve suited my needs just fine and I was really attached to this cell phone.  I was so disappointed with RIM though that I couldn't justify choosing another BB.  So I reluctantly decided to upgrade to the Droid X.  And, all I can say is WOW!!  The browser speed, features and intuitiveness of the Droid X is amazing.  So my horrible experience had a happy ending.  But I really just wanted to post this as a warning to BB users to be careful upgrading from .13X to .17X.  If your phone is working and you are satisfied with its performance as I was, this upgrade is definitely not worth the potential aggravation! 

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