Someone please help- EVERYTHING is GONE on my TOUR

I upgraded on my TOUR a day or so ago- and other than the **bleep** setup wizard being there all the time, didn't think of it again. This morning, when I woke up, my tour was off- itself unusual. I turned it on, and it's like it is a new phone. EVERYTHING is gone.

I have my life on this **bleep** thing- my calender is gone, with all of my upcoming dates/times/appts. my contact list is gone. my songs, pictures, emails, Passwords, ALL OF MY IMPORTANT THINGS. oh god.... I am trying not to panic.

Suggestions? please say this is normal and there is a way to get my stuff back.

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Well, here is what I learned today, after coming here and begging for help that obviously nobody had to give, even though this is common, according to the people I spoke with at verizon. Get that- people, this is COMMON.


  1. First, these forums consider the word "s*t*u*p*i*d" bleep-worthy
  2. Secondly, that you better make sure your backup assistant desktop thingy is working properly. Never having needed to actually use it to backup before- I assumed mine was. Oops, it wasn't. Nothing is actually backed up, but since I'm not a wizard genius with the computer, or even saavy enough to understand these "very basic, simple programs"... I assumed when I was pluggin in my phone and letting it connect to things... it was doing what it was supposed to, and backing up.
  3. Thirdly- an unfortunate side effect of updating the software on your blackberry- in this case, my Tour, is apparently well known to everyone but...oh, ME.... and that is that your phone might just get "WIPED". Nor does this happen immediately, in all cases. it might happen then, later that day, OR DAYS, in short, whenever it "feels" like deleting everything you have on your phone, and I do mean everything. No warnings, no signs of immenent catastrophe, just wake up one day and it's ALLLLLLLL GONE.
  4. Fourth- this will be ALLL YOUR FAULT, if it does happen, and you will be made to feel both **bleep** and - oh I suppose thatv got bleepd, let me rephrase "UNINTELLIGENT" and without and basic sense whatsoever.

"We always tell people this might happen", where? WHEN? WHERE??????


I must have missed that warning-memo-email-psychic message beamed directly to blackberry user-brains.

If you lose EVERYTHINIG...let's just count that:

  • contact list, with numbers and phone numbers and email addresses
  • passwords in your password manager, inclduing sensitive information such as your brand new ATM card PIN, which you haven't yet memorized
  • voice notes you might have made
  • calendar- including dates, times, appointments and notes
  • word docs
  • pictures
  • songs
  • movies
  • bookmarks
  • every program you've downloaded, except for BING and SKYPE, neither of which you remember EVER wanting OR downloading

...hey they are allllll gone.... and , well, to be frank,  too bad, so sad for you. They ALWAYS tell people this might happen, and to make sure they have EVERYTHING backed up, you know, like on the backup manager (which you better make sure works properly) or ON PAPER.

Yes, on paper... because that's what EVERYONE with a "smartphone" does- they go around storing things on their blackberry, and THEN writing it down on paper.

Because that's just common sense.

Oh, and don't forget to keep ALLL of your old phones lying around, because then they might be able to pull up some of your old contact list from them.

Just common sense. Which I don't have... which is WHY i trust my "Smartphone" to have sense for me, and keep track of my life for me.