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Storm 2 O/S Upgrade

I have been told by multiple Verizon representatives that the next official O/S upgrade for the Storm 2 would take place on December 15th.  That date came and went a long time ago.  The next date was supposed to be January 15th. 


There has been a leaked O/S (5.0.428) since the middle of December and I just played with a friends phone who downloaded and installed over the weekend.  O/S 5.0.428 was amazing!  It fixes three primary issues for the Storm 2:


1.  Home Screen not updating (very annoying for users that run a weather application and inferior to O/S 5.0.328 that's on the Storm 1)


2.  New option to combine all mailboxes (including SMS messages) into 1 folder, but still retain the option to check message inboxes separately (this was also available on 5.0.328 for the Storm 1)


3.  Glitch with SMS Messaging where the screen locks up. 


In addition it added a key preview that is very similar to the iPhone where a user can preview the key before pressing down to type.  This change really revolutionizes the way you type on the Storm 2!


I am wondering when a new official O/S will be released for the Storm 2 as the current one is inferior to the O/S for the original Storm and a very good leaked version has been around for more than a month.  How can Verizon expect to sell phones when the software is out of date?  I have a friend who works for RIMM and he told me Verizon is the one who is holding up the entire process because they're having issues integrating with Bing.  Please advise.

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Re: Storm 2 O/S Upgrade

I'm not sure about when they're supposed to release the new update to the Storm software, nor do I know anything that the new update is supposed to fix.  I do know that with the current software on the Storm2 you can combine all of your messages in the "Global Messages" folder which shows all of my SMS, MMS, email and facebook notifications/messages in one place while still having individual email folders.  I thought it was one of the great features of the storm, personally.