Storm 2 and Bing search engine problem

When I first got my Storm 2 I could use Google as my search engine. At some point in time Verizon pushed out Bing as my default and only search engine along with an icon for an app for Bing. The trouble is when I go to Browser and type a search request, the browser will only give me one or two choices and when I select one of them the phone takes several minuets doing " requesting " and then returns an error " the server returned the following error while attempting to fulfill your request "connection timed out ". And when I try to use the Bing App, the home screen comes up but there is no keyboard displayed to type in any request. I have been to the local Verizon store and they could not resolve my problem and their only suggestion was to load another app to do my search requests. Verizon is going to lose me as a customer and the i-phone is starting to look better all the time.

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