Storm 2 are the worst.

Have had a storm 2 for about a year now and hate it with a passion.  The only reason I got another blackberry and put up with it for so long WAS the only phone that aloud me to have access to data while overseas for a decent price.  But now Verizon has gotten greedy and instead of an extra $35 dollars a month (that was pro-rated for the time I spent overseas) for unlimited Data they want to charge me a min $30 for 20mb. PATHETIC. Not to mention I am on my second phone. The first on would freeze, not read you touch, and oh yea got through the longest restart of any phone I have ever had for getting jostled just a little bit. Then I get this new one and its alright except for the alarm not always going off, or it freezing occasionally, the back not sitting flush, it not picking up a good wifi signal when it is available, and yeah this new "upgrade" is way more of a downgrade then anything. My clock really doesn't work now, I have a horrible time trying to connect it to the desktop manager, and it runs much slower. All in all you are better off shooting yourself in the foot the buying a blackberry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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