Storm 2-dialing extensions

When I dial a number, I can not get the keypad to come back so I can dial an extension. When I hit show keypad I get a strange looking thing.  The symbol that is on the 1 key is there but the one is down around the 9 key, the 5 is around the area of the 3 and a 0 is where the * is.  I have tried pulling the battery.  I have no other phone so can not even get into my voice mail.  Anyone have any ideas?  Thanks in advance for any assistance!

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Re: Storm 2-dialing extensions
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Try This-

go into Options > Screen/Keyboard > Portrait View Keyboard:


Make sure you don't have "Full Keyboard" selected, rather choose one of the other two options of SureType or MultiTap.


And, save.


The dialpad acts weird on the Full Keyboard settings.


Let me know if that works!