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I have a BlackBerry Storm 9530 device. This is my second of the same device, first dying to the same exact thing. As far as I can tell nothing has damaged the phone, it has not been exposed to water or dropped, it appears that the problems more or less come from it heating up in my pocket. 

The first phone I had broke after about 10 months, and by broke I mean the touch screen became less and less responsive over the last month of its life. It began with slow reaction, then spread to when I tried to hit 'W' it would hit 'delete' and erase entire messages. It got to the point where I basically could not use the touch screen, aka the entire phone since its a touch screen device. So, I went to verizon in store and was told it was a faulty phone, I was sent a new phone and I returned my original phone.

About 9 months later, exact same problem, no water damage/fall damage, screen is slow and unresponsive. Takes up to 10 minutes to send a simple text message. I went in to the store this time to see what my options to be told, a) my warranty is out on the phone, and b) the insurance i've been paying for this whole time basically means if I want another phone I have to pay 90 dollars for it.

Are these really my only options? I can't just have a very faulty phone, or what basically seems to be a device that should not have been released in th first place, replaced? Its either pay the same price I'd pay to upgrade to a new phone, or settle with sending text messages 10 minutes at a time? This seems a little ridiculous. I can't afford to upgrade right now, although I'd love to get my hands on a new android phone, but as of right now I can't do that, and paying 90 dollars just to get the same crappy phone back seems a little ridiculous. I'm just curious as to if this is the correct policy or not. 


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Hi. Do you power your phone off every day?  Also, do you clean the cache, cookies, and history regularly? This would really help.  Powering off your phone once a day and cleaning the cache, cookies, and history once or twice a month would speed up the device.  Below I have provided you with the steps to do this.


* Open your web browser.

* Select [Menu]

* Select [Options]

* Select [Cache Operations]

* Select [Clear History]

* Clear [Content Cache], [Pushed Content], and [Cookie Cache]

* Once this is completed, remove the back and the battery from the phone for about 20 seconds and put back together.


I hope this information is helpful.  


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Might be a memory issue. The 9530 doesn't have a lot of memory to begin with and it sounds like after so many months it is just running out of places to store stuff. Here are some tips to keep your memory at its maximum:

You can check your memory under Options/Memory. You should try to keep it above about 25 mb. Good Luck!


I feel your pain.  I hate hate hate hate my Blackberry Storm 9530!  I am having the exact same problem, and so did my daughter.  I am on my second, and she is on her third.  My contract is up in June and I'm bailing.  Shut down, start up, clear cache.  That doesn't work.  I've heard that "canned" fix from the Verizon CSR's over and over.  Bottom line... expensive contract, crappy product!  I've been with Verizon (local company who was bought by Alltel who was then bought by Verizon) since the mid 90's and I am OUTTA HERE!!!  I just say my prayers every night because I refuse to pay another $90 to the insurance company, for another crappy, substandard, reconditioned replacement!  Matter of fact, if this phone fails, I may just bail anyway, for a cheaper contract with a different company, with a phone that works, and let Verizon bill me for the remainder.  This has driven me out of my mind!!!!  Good luck!

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You are eligible for an early upgrade. I went from an S1 to an S2. I have all the apps I could ever use and still have over 100 Mb of free memory left. Night and day difference. Last time I checked it was Free or $49.95 to upgrade.
Do you know about when internet globe is open pushing the BB Menu and scrolling down to options then clicking on options and then scrolling down I think it is your third choice and pushing it and there are like 3 or 4 things there to push plus you can scroll down under options memory and you can move the memory clear to a Icon in your app list. Then you just mush the