Storm Battery Charging Problems

I have a Storm 1.  It worked perfectly until the v5.0.0.328 upgrade.  Then I suddenly had problems with charging that are identical to what others have posted.  First, it often did not charge although plugged in all night.   Sometimes it would show a message that the USB connection was not sufficient to charge the phone.   I always use the wall charger.


We tried a new battery, then a new charger, and finally Verizon told me they wanted to swap out the phone. The new one came and had the exact same problems.  So then I was put in contact with a tech at RIM and nothing was resolved.


My battery life is less then a day on a full charge.   I spend less then 10 minutes on calls, have messages delivered from email accounts, and maybe spend a combined 10 minutes on Facebook and UberTwitter browsing. 


I noted that battery problems are not noted with the Storm 2.  Is it qualitatively better ?


I like the Storm in practice, but without battery life it becomes worthless.   It also shows 867 MB of available Device memory, but was at 0 for application memory until I removed a Time magazine application.   Now it says it has 24MB free application space.  What gives here ?   Why is more memory not available to the applicatios ?


Verizon's solution is to send me yet another rebuilt phone because maybe I got a bad rebuilt this time, or buy a Storm 2 to see if it works better. 


I'd appreciate input.

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