Storm Cello Display Glass Cracked

Last Christmas 2008, I purchased two (2) Storm cellos, one for myself and one for my son.. They have worked satisfactory with the exception of some lockups, short battery life, and slow operation. The main problem that I now have with the Storm is both my son and my cello phone display glass cracked for no apparent reason. Both of us are wondering if this is a defect in the cello. I did notice prior to me observing the display was cracked, the cello became very hot for some reason. I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem and what did they discover that happened to make the display glass to crack. I am thinking this is a defect since both my son and my cello display cracked within a few months of each other. DESPERATELY SEEKING AN ANSWER! PLEASE EMAIL ME AT[edit]

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Some rumors have started in the Storm community that VZW may upgrade your current 9530's to the new 9550's due to manufacturing defects...