Storm Post Upgrade calling issues

Two problems I've had since I upgraded, and to me they're big issues.


1. I use a blue tooth to make and receive calls while driving (hands free law). To make a call, or receive an incomming call, I would just push the button on the Bluetoooth. If I was calling, it would ask for a command, and I would tell the Storm who to call. When receiving a call, again I would use the button on the Bluetooth to answer or hang up. After the upgrade, all the Bluetooth button does is beep. Does not control the phone. Tried three different Blutooth devices. All the same.


2. When I activate the voice dialing using the button on the side of the phone, after I say the name it repeats it back as it did before. Only now, the name it says back is unintelligibly garbled.


What to do? Suggestions?

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If you haven't already, I would suggest deleting all the setup Bluetooth devices and re-pairing them again with the device. There is a voice dialing bug in 5.0 where it's hit and miss on the calling, sometimes it takes 2 or 3 try's to get it to work, but it will go through. Nothing we can do but wait for a fix.

Is there any hint of how close RIM is in resolving this problem?