Storm2 No Service in Canada - 3G Problem?

Before leaving the US, I upgraded my data package to Global. I had to speak with Tech support to get my SIM card activated. I didn't understand that...I assumed the SIM card would have to be activated at purchase to even use the phone.


Since crossing the border along Lake Superior area, I have had absolutely NO service. I am staying in Thunder Bay, Ontario and have traveled around the town and outside, in several directions, within about a 15-20 mile radius.


I'm told that Rogers is the provider for this area and I believe I saw that somewhere in my phone when I was searching through options to try to figure this out.


This is what I currently see in my phone...


In Manage Connections the following is "checked"....

Mobile Network Roaming (roaming in the green)


When I click into Services Status I see the following...

Mobile Voice


   Connection: Mobile Network

Blackberry Internet Service (and Enterprise Servicer)

   Connection: not connected

Mobile Network


Mobile Network Provider


Wi-Fi Network

   Active Profile: not Connected

   SSID: not connected

   Type: not connected





When I click Mobile Network Options...

Data Services   On

     While Roaming   On

Mobile Network:   Roaming

Network Selection Mode: Automatic

Network Technology: Global 


At the moment, I am not in a good location (basement apartment of a house) but as I said, I am not getting service anywhere.


Thanks for any help with this!

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Re: Storm2 No Service in Canada - 3G Problem?
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First you do not need to be on the sim card to be in cananda in most places. The most of canada is on CDMA.  I would advise swiching back over to CDMA and test it that way. Also make sure even though your on a Global plan that you have the Cananda price plan as this is much more cost friendly.

Re: Now no email or and BB messenger work but WiFi only

Since my original post, I have been able to get a connection using WiFi. I can make phone calls and use Blackberry Messenger. I got some emails, when I first connected to WiFi but now I can't get any.  I still cannot connect at all without WiFi.


I called global support...they checked setting, told me to take out battery and wait 15 minutes. Still the same...only phone and BB messenger work...WiFi only. Tech said to call back from another phone, which I don't have.


When in Canada in the past, I never had problems using my ENVY .. texts and phone only, of course.

Re: Now no email or and BB messenger work but WiFi only

The error message I get when I try to send a text is,,


SMS error 87, Message ID # (varies); Service denied.


Once I got this message but I never got it again..

Mobile equipment status failed

Re: Now no email or and BB messenger work but WiFi only
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As much as I hate to say this. I believe you would need to have your text reset. But for that to be done you would have to be in the usa for it to update. But thats the limit of my knowledge of the issue.