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Storm2 Software Upgrade Problems - Call Log Buttons

I did the recent software upgrade on my Storm2 and everything is working fine except for two things:


1. The virtual buttons at the bottom of the call log screen are gone!  I did a battery pull and they appeared; however, when you switch back and forth between the dial pad and call log, the buttons disappear again.  I used to use those buttons a lot and would like them back permanently.


2. After I did the upgrade, Bing asked to be updated as well, so I did that.  Now, the keyboard doesn't show up in the Bing application, so the update was kind of useless.


I hope BlackBerry fixes these problems soon.


Let me know if you are having these problems or if you know how to fix them (FYI: battery pulls won't fix these issues).  Thank you!

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Re: Storm2 Software Upgrade Problems - Call Log Buttons

Unfortunately I was unable to find any troubleshooting that could be done for problems that are associated with a software update but If would rather go back to the previous software version before the update, I have listed below the directions on how to do so:

Return to the previous version of the BlackBerry Device Software

Depending on the options set by your wireless service provider or administrator, you might not be able to perform this task.

1. On the Home screen or in a folder, click the options icon

2. Click Advanced Options

3. Click Wireless Update

4. Click Previous update succeeded

5. Click Downgrade.

This and more information about the blackberry device software updates can be found in the blackberry storm 2 user manual starting on page 229 by clicking on this link: