Stuck In Silence/Vibrate

I just got my BB Tour and I love it.  :smileyhappy:  But now, it is stuck on "silence/vibrate".  And, no matter what I do in the "Sounds" I can't hear anything coming out of the speaker, so I've been missing calls.  The sound worked when I first got it.  But, ever since I put it into "silence" during choir practice, I've not been able to hear any ringtones, or key beeps, or anything else for that matter.  My device just vibrates.  HELP!!!

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it sounds like your profile is set to silence/vibrate mode. To get it out of there, you can either scroll to it from your home screen or hit the blackberry menu key (has a bunch of little dots on it) and scroll to it from there. From there you can choose your profile, and once your profile is set, you can go back into your profile and change ringtones amd alerts, volume level, vibration, etc. . .  by going to set ring tones/alerts (it will sometimes say advanced options). Should your profile be set to normal already, then go into the set ring tones/alerts click on phone and make sure the sound is on. It could just be that the phone is in holster and the sound in holster is set  to off/no. Hope that helps :smileyhappy: