Switching from Bberry to Palm Pixi...then to Droid 2

I just signed up for VZW service, switching from T-mobile and Blackberry 8900 to the VZW's Palm Pixi.  The Palm will just serve to hold me over until I'm able to get the Droid 2 -- witin the next week or 2.  Will it be difficult to switch my contacts, email, pics, music, etc. from Blackberry to Palm...and then to the Droid?  Should I just throw my contacts, etc. into Google via Sync?  And can both the Palm and the Droid 2 easily store/play iTunes?  I appreciate any advice you can give.  Thanks so much!

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Re: Switching from Bberry to Palm Pixi...then to Droid 2
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Hi. Welcome to Verizon!


Contacts: I would try Google to store and sync your contacts, since your BB is T-Mobile, and Verizon Backup Assistant doesn't work with the Pixi. Your other option would be to take the Pixi and the Droid to a Verizon store for transfer.


Email: You will have to set up your accounts on each new device, as far as I know. When you sync, you can choose how many days of emails you want to sync.


Pics and music: If these are on your BB's SD card, I would back them up to your home computer. Since the Pixi doesn't use an SD card, you will have to connect via USB cable and transfer to the Pixi. When you get the Droid, you can reformat the SD card (this will erase all info on it, so make sure your files are saved on your computer before formatting!), then transfer the pics and music from your computer to your Droid, either by hooking up via USB cable or putting the SD card into a card reader and inserting it in your computer.


I don't know the answer to your iTunes question, sorry. I read something about the Pixi no longer syncing with iTunes, but I'm not certain.