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Tethering International

I have a Blackberry Storm 2 that I use both in the U.S. and Uganda. I have Internet access in both countries. I think the service there is called "Edge."


Here in the U.S. I tether my Blackberry to my Mac laptop when I'm without broadband or wireless access. I use VZAccess manager and pay for the service.


I want to tether my phone to my laptop in Uganda. MTN cell phone company sells and supports the Blackberry there. Will I be able to to tether my phone there? It seems I should. If not, I'll have to buy a USB modem and that's an extra expense when I seem to have what I need already.


Another site says "MTN Uganda has installed a country wide WiMAX solution starting from June 2007. This installation uses the BreezeCOM solution from Alvarion." But I don't know what that means to me.


Thanks for your help.

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Re: Tethering International

The only device at this time that has the ability to tether in GSM locations (like Uganda) is the Blackberry Bold. The Blackberry Storm 2 will not tether in GSM locations at this time. If you were interested in purchasing a Global USB modem, or using your Blackberry Storm 2 data capabilities, I have posted the details on both options below:


UMV 190 Global USB Modem


Cost (subject to change at anytime)


Retail – $219.99


1 year contract - $119.99 *After $50.00 mail in rebate (must be eligible to upgrade, or add new line of service)


2 year contract – $49.99 *After $50.00 mail in rebate (must be eligible to upgrade, or add new line of service)


UMV 190 details below:



I have listed details on coverage, and cost below for Uganda: ***Please note that any data used in Uganda is charged at ($0.02 per KB), or ($20.48 per MB). Currently there is no plan available for a reduced rate for using a global USB/PC card data in Uganda.


Blackberry Storm 2


The Blackberry Storm 2 is a quad-band device (GSM Quad Band 850/900/1800/1900 mHz); therefore it will work in Uganda.


***Please also note that using the Blackberry for data Uganda will present a charge, unless you have a global plan. Unlimited global packages for data (which would replace your existing domestic package of $29.99) are available for unlimited usage. I have posted the link below for your convenience on these packages:

***Rate without data unlimited global package in Uganda is ($0.02 per KB), or ($20.48 per MB). I have provided a link below for the information on rates and dialing instructions:

Uganda calling rates:

        -$2.89 per minute

        -$2.29 per minute (with $4.99 Value plan)


 Uganda messaging rates:

Text - $0.50 send, $0.05 to receive

Picture - $0.50 send, $0.25 to receive


Uganda dialing instructions

Calling from Uganda to:

U.S. - Dial plus 1 then then digit U.S. number (ex. +1-917-555-5555)

Local Uganda - + 256 (then local number with areacode (if applicable)

Other Countries - + (country code) then international number

Global Services - + 1 then 908-559-4899


I hope this information was helpful.