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A couple of days ago my blackberry curve told me that I had 2 SMS/MMS messages, but I can't locate them on my phone.  I even went ahead and deleted all my text messages and the icon that states i have 2 messages is still there.  I went ahead and shut down my phone to see if that would work...it didn't.  Then I took my battery out of my phone and let it off for about 10 mintues before I put it back in to see if this would reset it...nope.  I was wondering if you had any other suggestions.  It's just driving me NUTS.



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Community Leader
It could be a couple of different things - a saved, unread message (check your saved messages folder), or even a missed call, depending on how your phone is set up or an unread email message.

Here's thread from awhile ago that has several ideas and things to try. http://community.vzw.com/t5/BlackBerry-Devices/Got-a-new-Tour-email-icon-won-t-go-away/m-p/149634/hi...

Let us know what works for you, or if nothing does and we can investigate further. The thread above is for the Tour, but should apply to BB's in general.