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Text messages ringtones are not working in the Storm Two

Device:  Storm Two running OS version on the Verizon Wireless network.


Recently, I upgraded from a Storm One to a Storm Two because of a multitude of issues with the Storm One; not enough memory, constant lock-ups; dropped calls, etc.  On the Storm One I had customer ringtones for contacts; so when a contact calls me the phone will sound a specific ringtone for that contact; the same for text messages from that contact. Now that I have the Storm Two the text message tones for the contacts are not working. In fact, even when I select a ringtone for text messages for a contact the phone will ring the generic ringtone that comes with the phone. If I go into the sound profile and change the generic ringtone to one of my own and the contact sends me a text/sms message the phone will ring the ringtone that I selected in the profile that is being used at the time. This is not the way it worked on the Storm One.  On the Storm One; if I have a specific ringtone for the contact and that contact sends me a text message it will sound the text messages tone for that contact. These ringtones have worked for previous devices including my Treo and Palm devices. The ringtone files worked well in the previous Storm One.


So to make a long story short; I want to know why my text message ringtones are not working as designed/setup-up. If a contact calls me the phone will sound the ringtone for that contact; but if that same contact text me it will not ring the ringtone for the contact. This is annoying and I am at my wits end trying to find out why this is not working.



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